Frequently Asked Questions


Do you ship internationally?

Yes absolutely! Unfortunately the postage doesn't come with a tracking number at this stage but if you would prefer one, we are more than happy to accommodate. All you need to do is send us a quick note when your order is placed and we will organize that for you. Please be aware that it does come at an extra cost which will be calculated via AusPost once requested. 

How much does shipping cost?

We have flat rate shipping for Australian Domestic customers for $7.00
International customers have flat rate shipping at $15.95


Yes! Send me an email at and we will do my best to help get your goodies to you asap.


My Sparkle Lipstick arrived but it looks like it's melting!

Its not melting, we promise! Due to the natural ingredient construction of the lipstick, it is prone to sweating through different heat patterns...just like us.
We keep our lipsticks in cooler temperatures after manufacture and while it is waiting to be delivered but due to different pressures and weather during shipping, it can have an effect on the appearance of our Sparkle Lipstick. It in no way compromises the lipstick, its safety or use.
There are ways to overcome this issue through manufacturing but it would mean adding synthetic products to our ingredient list and we would prefer to keep our ingredient list as simple and natural as possible for you and your little one. We suggest keeping your Sparkle Lipstick in the refrigerator if you live in a more humid environment and this should keep the lipstick more consistent.


The glitter used in our Sparkle Lipstick is non-toxic and edible (although we don't recommend it.) We spent a lot of time researching and testing various different glitters and this one came out best for safety and for effect.

Will I / my little one be allergic to your products?

We hope not. We have specifically sourced low allergenic ingredients that work well together to lower the risk of that happening. That being said, there are people allergic to water so we cannot guarantee anything. We suggest testing on a small, unbroken patch of skin prior to first use. If any irritation occurs, wash off immediately and consult your health care practitioner.

Whats the best way to use our products?

Any way you like! Let your imagination run wild! We often use our Shadowing You range as-is for a face paint alternative.


I'm a grown up, can I use these products too?

Yes! In fact majority of our returning customers are purchasing the Sparkle Lipstick and Olive You range for themselves.

We love love love our products and while we are aimed at young children and have made products that are safe for their use, plenty of grownups buy and use our products for themselves due to the safety levels and quality.

Please note that as per our Terms & Conditions we cannot exchange or refund any orders for change of mind.