About us


affordable products with no sexual advertising

Here at Oh Flossy we believe low-transfer products are important. We have created a range of products that looks like Mummy's but wont stain skin or allow your little one to look more grown up. We refuse to advertise in any way sexualising, exploiting or encouraging children to grow faster than what is natural and their brains can cope with. Childhood is short-lived and we believe our children deserve the best childhood available to them.

Our color choices for all products have been heavily researched and specifically used so your little one can be identified as wearing play-makeup if it is recognizable rather than looking like they raided Mummy's grown-up makeup.

Our formulas have low allergen ingredients in them to reduce the risk of allergic reactions. We also work closely with Cosmetic Chemists to ensure safe levels of all ingredients and to ensure no yucky or harmful ingredients are added.



I am a mum who wants to provide the safest products possible for my children but not just that, I am passionate about educating myself on how to best create healthy adults from these tiny humans. I desperately want our children to know confidence in their bodies, their identities and to be the strongest generation of mentally healthy adolescents and adults history has known.

I think this begins with destroying the culture we have created in dance and in imitation play where gender expectations are pushed onto our children rather than being explored naturally as well as marketing that overtly pushes a sexual agenda because "Sex Sells."